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Personal service

Many people set great store by personal service when it comes to financial transactions, securities and finance. And that’s a good thing! We too believe that direct contact with customers is particularly important. That’s why our employees are always there for our customers. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on bank holidays. The problems with opening hours or queues, so common to many branch banks, do not apply to us. Nor will you have to listen to any lengthy recorded announcements on the telephone. In general it only takes seconds for you to reach a member of staff. We usually answer e-mails on the same day within just a few hours of receiving the inquiry. And that still applies even if a particularly large number of customers contact us at the same time.

Proven quality

When it comes to the quality of Customer Services, we are in a class of our own, as has been repeatedly attested by independent organisations. This not only includes the speed of our response, but also the expertise and friendliness of our staff. And we have set ourselves high standards: we don’t want to rest on our laurels, but aim to be even better in everything that we do. Consequently we invest regularly in further training for our employees in Customer Services and have devised our own qualification programme. And this includes the “Customer Services Financial Services (IHK)” certification programme developed by comdirect in conjunction with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

For us, continual improvement also means optimising seemingly small details. Consequently, we now answer many e-mail queries with short video clips as well. In these we show our customers how they can carry out their banking transactions even more conveniently. Such as the simplicity of our comfort transfer, where the data required is automatically entered – for example from the invoice e-mail of an online trader – into the corresponding fields on the transfer form. Internal analyses confirm that this increases customer satisfaction and saves on queries. Such solutions also give us more time to spend providing support to our customers with regard to complex financial matters.

Outstanding offering

To save customers time, we answer all questions as quickly as possible. But we are very happy to talk with customers for longer if they so wish, to ensure that all the key questions are clarified. This is the case for instance if customers are looking for information on securities investments or for property advice. With our Baufinanzierung PLUS building advice service for example, we first carry out an in-depth analysis of the customer’s personal situation before providing a tailored offering.

comdirect’s customers can therefore access a comprehensive range of customer services at any time and also receive personal advice if they so wish, yet still carry out their financial and securities transactions at the attractive terms and conditions of a direct bank. Like our current account which is completely fee-free and includes a Visa card. Or our order fees for ETF savings plans which are particularly low. These are the things that have helped comdirect win the “Beste Bank Deutschlands” award from “€uro” magazine – and, as the best direct bank, outperform all the branch banks here in Germany as well.

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