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More than 10,700 investment funds are admitted for sale in Germany. This figure from industry association BVI sounds impressive, but poses a huge challenge to private investors: how do you find the right investment product among these thousands of funds, and now among hundreds of ETF index funds as well?

Building a portfolio made easy

comdirect has taken on this challenge. Naturally, investors can buy and sell nearly all funds via But we also provide guidance and support for our customers as they build up their portfolios. Take our FondsDiamanten fund offering for instance. This comprises 20 carefully selected quality funds focusing on different investment regions and classes, all of which have to be rated with at least four out of five stars by rating agency Morningstar. Using these funds, our experts put together various investment proposals – ranging from safety-oriented to opportunistic to suit the different risk profiles of the investors. These investment proposals are checked by the Institute for Asset Accumulation (Institut für Vermögensaufbau). Customers can use these to build up a well-diversified portfolio volume. Another advantage: there is no front-end load when buying the fund units – all FondsDiamanten funds are available without any sales fee from a minimum investment of €500. It would be difficult for investors to find such a cost-saving elsewhere; usually up to 5% of the investment sum is charged as a front-end load.

As well as the FondsDiamanten fund offering, our customers can rely on further support regarding asset accumulation and pension provisioning – such as our AktivSparpläne savings plans for example. For the 15 asset management funds, the fund companies’ experienced asset managers continually align the investments with current market conditions, while for the 10 lifecycle funds, the focus of the portfolio additionally becomes more defensive over time to protect the assets accumulated. No front-end loads whatsoever apply to the AktivSparpläne savings plans either.

Spotlight on ETF offensive

comdirect also provides guidance on a relatively new, but increasingly popular, asset class: exchange traded funds or ETFs for short. Since spring 2011, the new Informer section on the website has made it easier to find the desired exchange traded index funds. In addition, comdirect recently launched an ETF offensive that has met with great interest on the part of investors. As well as favourable terms and conditions – the order fee has been waived on 50 selected savings plan ETFs – comdirect offers investment proposals here that have been independently checked and making it easier for customers to make their choice.

And now, capital-building payments from employers can also be used for fund-based asset accumulation at comdirect. This has been made possible by the first joint offering with our subsidiary ebase which will maintain the capital-building fund custody accounts and execute the securities orders.

Investing in funds and ETFs: with the right support it’s much easier than you think despite the huge choice on offer. And at comdirect, the terms and conditions are attractive too.

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