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Complete Annual Report

Download here the complete annual report 2011 of the comdirect bank AG.

> Annual Report 2011 PDF (2.420 KB)  

Sections out of the Annual Report

Download here sections as PDF or XLS out of the annual report of the comdirect bank AG.

  PDF-Download Excel-File
Key figures of comdirect group PDF (437 KB) XLS (44 KB)
Selected comdirect group key figures PDF (421 KB)  
Foreword of the CEO PDF (481 KB)  
The Board of Managing Directors PDF (486 KB)  
Corporate Governance PDF (482 KB)  
Group management report PDF (933 KB)  
Key developments PDF (414 KB)  
Group structure and business activities PDF (429 KB)  
Value-driven strategy and management system PDF (438 KB)  
Market environment PDF (455 KB)  
Business performance and earnings situation at the comdirect group PDF (462 KB)  
B2C business line PDF (437 KB)  
B2B business line PDF (424 KB)  
Financial situation and assets of the comdirect group PDF (435 KB)  
The share PDF (440 KB)  
Personnel report PDF (433 KB)  
Risk report PDF (466 KB)  
Outlook and opportunity report PDF (437 KB)  
Supplementary report PDF (419 KB)  
Details in accordance with Sections 289, 315 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and explanatory report of the Board of Managing Directors of comdirect bank PDF (432 KB)  
Declaration of the Board of Managing Directors on Section 312 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) PDF (408 KB)  
Consolidated financial statements PDF (825 KB)  
Income statement PDF (413 KB) XLS (31 KB)
Balance sheet PDF (413 KB) XLS (29 KB)
Statement of changes in equity PDF (411 KB) XLS (39 KB)
Cash flow statement PDF (412 KB) XLS (31 KB)
Notes PDF (756 KB)  
Basis of accounting principles PDF (413 KB)  
Accounting and measurement methods PDF (474 KB)  
Notes to the income statement PDF (447 KB)  
Notes to the balance sheet PDF (498 KB)  
Additional information PDF (580 KB)  
Income statement – year-to-year comparison PDF (419 KB) XLS (31 KB)
Income statement – quarterly comparison PDF (427 KB) XLS (31 KB)
Segment reporting by business line PDF (425 KB) XLS (31 KB)
Declaration of the Board of Managing Directors PDF (424 KB)  
Auditor‘s report PDF (420 KB)  
Glossary PDF (432 KB)  
Six-year overview of comdirect group PDF (464 KB) XLS (48 KB)
Financial calendar 2012/Contacts PDF (434 KB)